The open source version of Maglev only allows you to create and edit one single site.

The PRO version overpasses this limitation by making the multi-sites and multi-themes functionalities available.

It becomes then the best dev tool to build your own custom page builder platform.

Basically, you can set up hundreds of websites in a few clicks for your clients or franchisees and more important, you can do it from your own Ruby on Rails application.

It's the perfect CMS for:

  • Franchisers: You want to offer a beautiful and easy to maintain site to each of your franchisees.

  • Marketing companies: You want to build microsites for small web presence and landing pages for PPC campaigns.

  • Online Services: Developing/hosting sites is not part of your core business but your clients ask for that functionality.

  • Others: You have neither the time nor the dev team to develop a site builder but you need one to launch your new awesome project.

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